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I really want to like and get into NWSL, but I kind of want to wait a couple more years for the league and the damn fandom to sort itself out. It's tough to be a rabid supporter when so much of the league's functioning seems like it's improvised, and even more sloppily than it is in MLS.

i really don’t blame you tbh. the league itself is pretty unorganized, especially when it comes to disciplinary shit (i don’t think anyone even knows what the protocol is) as well as transfers/trades (i literally didn’t know we had a second trade window until we were like halfway through it). a lot of the time, it seems like the people in charge of the league are sort of making shit up as they go/as it becomes necessary, which idk how that’s going to work out in the long run.

the fandom is also a mess, and i think a lot of that stems from the fact that most of the fans are supporters of the NT, so they love certain players and want all of those players to do well, but obviously the NT players are split up so it’s a mess. and then a lot of people also get frustrated bc of the problems with the league itself (but no the fandom is pretty ridiculous and scary sometimes lbr).

everything is a mess and i just want the league to fix itself, build a stable foundation (and fanbase), and not collapse in 3 seasons like the last two leagues. i mean, it took a while for MLS to sort itself out, right? i guess there’s still hope for the NWSL lmfao

idk what gives me more headaches: this league or the fandom

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(Source: epitomeofloyalty)


last night i had that dream again where i’m riding on a magic carpet but instead of a rug it’s a golden pancake and there’s a lil seat for me booty in the shape and color of a slice of butter and everyone in the city below is looking up at me and giving me thumbs ups and smiling real wide and the sun is setting but for eternity


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